Will The Cooks Triangle Work Efficiently To Modern Kitchen Design?

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Have you ever heard of this phrase “The Cooks Triangle”? If you think this refers to your past Math subject covering the geometric shapes such as triangles, this triangle is more focused on the kitchen space. Regardless of the present layout or shape of a modern kitchen, the floor plan itself may implement the triangle concept. For those of you hearing the cooks triangle for the first time, let me give you a quick introduction to this kitchen idea and how it can still work in today’s modern kitchen design.

Introduction of the Cooks Triangle

This concept in kitchen design started way back in the 20th century, called “working triangle or kitchen triangle”. Some call it “the golden triangle”, a principle that says the kitchen should form a triangular shape connecting the three important kitchen essentials, the sink, fridge and stove.

Even in today’s modern generation the cooks triangle principle has influenced the kitchen shop designers to apply it in their modern kitchen designs. Under this principle, the kitchen area must ideally represent a layout where smooth flow of traffic is observed between the areas where cooking (stove), food preparation (sink) and storage of food (fridge) must not be blocked with obstruction.

What should be your kitchen’s angle?

If you are just starting designing your kitchen or undergoing renovation process deciding on what would be your ideal angle must be considered. Among the kitchen ideas Sydney designers recommend is to ask the following questions:

  • Who will be using the kitchen?

Evaluate the persons inside your household that will be using the kitchen. Will you, your partner or spouse, children or roommate use the kitchen area? For example, if you have teenage kids for sure they will be also interested in helping you prepare family meals. Or, perhaps the kitchen area will also serve as another hangout where every member of the household could eat.

  • How will you use the kitchen?

Is it purely for food preparations? If not, come up with a list of other uses the kitchen such as:

  • Entertain guests and relatives
  • Use as an extension of the dining area

Whether you prefer a U-shaped, L-shaped or other shaped the cooks triangle principle could be applied. Why? Carefully determining the three points where the stove, sink and fridge will be located will ensure a smooth flow of traffic where anybody can move freely without restriction.

Do you want to enjoy a fully functional modern kitchen for your home? If you still on the process of selecting the perfect design and layout better visit The Kitchen Broker official website and book a private meeting. Sometimes, shopping at the kitchen shop near you may not be sufficient to get inspiring ideas for modern kitchen designs. If this is the case partnering your kitchen remodeling or new construction can be made easy with the guidance of an expert kitchen designer.

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