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Brian Patterson the owner of The Kitchen Broker is one of Sydney’s senior designers in the kitchen industry in NSW. Due to the pace of life and the way people are shopping in today’s world, Brian decided that he had to change the way he did business.

He wanted to offer a service that was truly unique and address the issues that face his busy time poor clients. Brian realized that the issues facing people today are

  1. They find it difficult to find the time and also organize the decision makers to go out and talk to the kitchen industry.
  2. They are not sure of the expertise of the design person they may be allocated.
  3. They want quality but also the best deal, but are they getting that?

It was obvious to Brian, that if he could cut out a lot of the steps that people have to go through and offer a service that had a one only modest cost, for clients to engage an award winning designer that represented them on every level, he could save them a lot of time and considerable savings.
The idea was that

  1. The Kitchen Broker would design the kit
  2. Help the client choose colors, textures and finishes in a private design studio
  3. Send the design to quality joiners who could price delivery, installation and all trades
  4. Choose with the client, the supplier who best fits the allocated budget and time frames etc

Brian decided to give away the shop-front/showroom solution that has high overheads and limited flexibility. He had an architect design a state of the art design studio on his property that is set in a pretty English garden, at the back of his home. As Brian’s property is in the heart of Pennant Hills and 100 yards from the shopping centre and train station, it is in a great spot for clients to come and play with the latest colors, textures and finishes in a very relaxing atmosphere. Brian’s studio has its own street frontage as the property has a main street at its back as well as the street at the front of the home.

The Kitchen Broker is now a reality and is a new and different way to buy a kitchen. It is a cutting edge company that delivers innovative kitchen solutions in regard to design, quality and price for its customers.

The Kitchen Broker is the answer if the client wants an experienced professional representing them to the kitchen industry, making sure they acquire the best at every level. The Kitchen Broker is the solution for people who want to deal with highly experienced professionals at first base and saving valuable time. The Kitchen Broker is the solution for people who do not want hidden surprises and extra costs that may eventuate. The Kitchen Broker is the answer if the client wants someone who is highly qualified and independent.

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